Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A year full of changes...

Over the last year, Trinite has been transforming into the company it is today.  Since we are constantly finding ways to help our clients improve their profits and reduce costs, we are going to start sharing all of the latest and greatest ideas with the public through our blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  Our goal is to provide a competitive advantage to the owner's of staffing firms across the country.

We are in a changing time.  Obamacare is changing the landscape of health insurance.  Workers comp rates can vary between 30 - 40% from one company to the next.  The economy can't make up it's mind about whether it will continue to grow or not.

Trinite is changing with the times.  We have updated our website and logo to match our goal as a business.  Our focus is providing staffing firms with the tools they need to take control of their costs.  We will be sharing the detailed formulas that are used to determine insurance rates.  We will share methods to drive down claims.  We will discuss the current outlook for rising costs for staffing firms based on our conversations with other owner's across the country.  We will be using social media to distribute ideas that will help staffing firms increase their profits.

When you need help implementing our solutions, using our formulas, or finding the right insurance program that will be a long-term fit for your business, we will be here to help.  We are the staffing industry experts, and we look forward to working with you.

Visit www.trinitecorp.com today to learn how we are helping staffing firms make more money from the pitfalls of Workers Compensation, Health Care Law Reform, and More.

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